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Lease Takeover

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What is a Lease Takeover?

A vehicle lease takeover includes transferring the original lease to a new person.Depending on the lease contract, the terms of the lease, the terms the lease-seller is offering, and the current condition of the vehicle, the lease takeover would give the lease buyer the cheapest monthly payment. If the lease seller wants to get out of their lease early, you, the buyer, would receive the pre-existing conditions for the lease contract and the car.

Once you have someone to take over your lease, you should contact your finance lender that holds the lease.The lender will then run a credit check to ensure the person can take it responsibly.Once the paperwork and the transferare complete, the new owner will set up new plates, and you will no longer need to consider monthly payments forthe vehicle.

What Are The Benefits of Taking Over a Lease?

There are several benefits to taking over a lease.Some of the benefits include:
Startup Costs : You won't need a down payment since startup costs are typically lower with lease takeovers.
Lease Incentives : The seller may offer extra incentives to the lease-buyer.
Small Monthly Payments : In a lease, you only pay for the vehicle's depreciation for the time you use it.
Market vs. Residual Value : If the vehicle lease ends with a higher market value than theresidual value, at the end of the lease, you may be able to sell it for a profit.

How To Get Out Of a Lease?

Ending a car lease before the lease has ended might sound complicated, but there are ways to end a lease to choose from that might be better for your situation.

We specialize in helping lease sellers get out of their leases.You can consider transferring a car lease, consider buying yourself out of the car lease or even trade in your leased vehicle for a new lease.

These are great ways to either end or get out of a lease before the end date. To learn more about different ways to get out of a lease, contact us today.