Dodge Ram 1500 near Leamington

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Dodge Ram 1500 near Leamington

Why a Dodge Ram 1500

Here at Countryside Chrysler, we want nothing more than for you to find the Dodge Ram 1500 near Leamington that you have been dreaming about. With a team who know the Ram better than the faces of their own children and a genuine dedication to customer service that is often mimicked but never replicated, our team is your best bet to start and hopefully end your truck buying journey.

Our goal with every customer who comes to see us is to one day have the pleasure of helping you again. From our incredible sales and finance teams to our parts and service departments, we have the tools you need to tackle just about any automotive trouble that comes your way. So when you are ready, come and see us at  458 Talbot St N, in Essex, ON or give us a call at (519) 776-5287 to book an appointment!

Dodge Ram 1500 near Leamington

Known for Honesty and Excellence

Award-winning service department, warm hospitality, and exceptional attention to you!

Dodge Ram 1500 near Leamington

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Experience a staff that's dedicated to strong values and excellent customer service.

Dodge Ram 1500 near Leamington

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Sales sells the first car, but our parts and service department will sell the next two!

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Countryside Chrysler - Capable of Almost Anything

Capable of Almost Anything

The Ram 1500 is the unrivalled monarch of the truck world. With a towing capacity of up to 5,783 kg and a maximum payload of 1,043 kg this is a vehicle that can get just about anything just about anywhere. The newer models are also lighter than their older siblings without sacrificing any of its power. That's a win-win!

Countryside Chrysler - Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm

Of course, a big truck means a big engine. This unfortunately can also mean a lot of noise. We understand this concern but let us reassure you that the Dodge Ram 1500 near Leamington features one of the quietest cabins in the truck world. Active Noise Cancellation technology works to diminish unwanted noise which makes the whole cabin a pleasant oasis from the cacophony of the outside world!

Countryside Chrysler - Yup. That's a Truck Alright.

Yup. That's a Truck Alright.

When it comes to looks there are few that can stand up to the Ram 1500. It is the kind of truck that you'd imagine if you closed your eyes and imagined a 'modern truck'. Newer models are also more aerodynamic than they have ever been, including impressive new technology that reduces drag and ultimately saves you money at the pump!

Countryside Chrysler - Come get Your Ram!

Come get Your Ram!

Your Dodge Ram 1500 near Leamington is waiting right here on the lot and the team at Countryside Chrysler is ready to help you find it. We are the area experts on everything Dodge Ram and together we are ready to get you back on the road sooner and for less. Come and see us today!

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