Collision Centre

Welcome to the Collision Centre

With over 25 years of service to Toronto motorists, we are a team you can rely on when you need help. Whether a collision repair or a restoration, our professional and experienced team understand your vehicle and deliver the highest-quality repair work that you need all covered by our unique limited lifetime warranty.

Top 5 reasons why the Collision Center is your number one choice


Our team will guide you through the repair process, inspecting your vehicle, assessing repairs, working with your insurer, even giving your car a clean before its returned to you.


With over 25 years in the industry each, our team continue to study new approaches and technologies, always giving you the very best repair solutions.


As a preferred and accredited repair facility for leading insurers, we work with your insurance company throughout the repair process to provide you with the seamless, simplest repair process possible.


We pride ourselves on the quality of everything we do. From the friendly help when you call, to the open explanation of the repair process to the quality of our work, our goal is complete customer satisfaction.

Here's How it Works

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Most of the vehicles get damaged because of failure to maintain

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Most of the vehicles get damaged because of failure to maintain

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Most of the vehicles get damaged because of failure to maintain

Services We Provide

Collision & Auto Body Repair

Our Collision Centre provides outstanding collision and auto body repair services. We offer body repair services to insurance companies and individual clients. Whether you are a private owner, public service vehicle owner, or a fleet manager, we have all the expertise in ensuring your vehicle(s) is/are restored to their original condition and at the highest standard possible. Due to our outstanding wealth of experience, we are ardently provisioned in handling cars, buses, vans, pick-ups, and trucks.


Our Collision Centre offers the most explicit interior/exterior fixing of your vehicles in Toronto and its environs. With highly skilled personnel, we have the best skillset that complies with the latest industry needs. Contact us for the enlisting of any of these interior or exterior detailing services of your cars.

Windshield & Glasswork

Our Collision Centre is your one-stop windshield and glass work repair shop. Akin to out 25 years of experience in the vehicle collision industry, we have set up the most effective routine and approach intended to be administering gratifying windshield and glass work repair service.

24-hour Towing Service

When you need towing or local wrecking services, our Collision Centre is at your rescue. Breakdowns don’t occur during regular hours. Therefore, we provide a 24-hour, real-time service to assist our clients during the untimely demise. Our front-line technological services reduce the amount of time it takes to complete any service call. Our newly improved digital dispatch system will change the way traditional towing services are handled. With our auto-updated GPS trackers, we have the capability to reach out to any distress call at any location possible.